Why Your Admin Staff Needs to Learn to Use Creative Cloud Technology

We are at a point in human history where technology has woven itself into the very fabric of our lives. Looking at a group of adolescents or young adults, you could be forgiven for assuming that their mobile phones were glued to the palms of their hands. Even older people take great advantage of the numerous technological advances of the past couple of decades, with large-print eBooks and eBook readers becoming increasingly popular amongst retirees. The unprecedented penetration of advanced technology into people’s ordinary lives means that there is no single group, demographic, or market – with the exception of hardcore Luddites and some ultra-orthodox religious groups – that remains inaccessible. For business owners and managers, this is a potential goldmine of new customers, clients, and contacts just waiting for some friendly first contact.

As with any technological revolution, however, those who adhere stubbornly to the old methods of marketing, record-keeping, and other administrative tasks risk being left behind in a world that long ago decided that new technology is always the way forward. Consider what happened to subsistence farming in the wake of the Industrial Revolution or to ordinary phones once the smartphone entered the market. While subsistence farmers and phones that aren’t smartphones both still exist, they do so in far smaller quantities, and they turn increasingly smaller profits. It’s an unfortunate reality of the human condition that people will always be fascinated by new technology (it’s why we emerged from the trees and invented tools in the first place), and the administrative applications of cutting-edge software are no different. One such technology that stands to be of unparalleled use to you, your business, and your admin staff is Adobe’s Creative Cloud technology. This aims to optimise the use of Adobe’s various publishing and design programs – Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, among others – for users whose needs are larger than can be addressed by one single computer program.

The Creative Cloud

The idea behind Adobe’s Creative Cloud technology is to give users access to a collection of Adobe-designed software with one monthly or annual subscription fee. Once upon a time, Adobe offered their software either as standalone products or in software suites designed to maximise the users’ experience of their technology. As of 2013 Adobe no longer offers their flagship Creative Suite as a physical product, with the Creative Suite available only through the Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud differs from the physical product business model by offering more frequent software updates and bug patches, far greater ease of sharing, and easy access to documents, files, and graphics through saving to the cloud.

If you’re a business person, you have probably wanted or needed to show your staff, potential clients, or even your friends your latest project, flier, or design. Unless you had a file available on hand, you probably weren’t able to do so. Fortunately, the Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to save their projects to the cloud. This means that, rather than having the files saved only on a local computer, tablet, or flash drive, they are stored online in a virtual memory bank- the cloud. You can access the cloud from any device within your network as long as it has access to the Creative Cloud, meaning that your body of work will be available on demand wherever you go.

How This Helps You

Many medium-sized businesses and expanding small businesses have some admin staff on the payroll whose job it is to keep the various cogs of your business machine in proper working order. They might handle scheduling, payroll, client liaisons, employment policy, or whatever other paperwork you don’t have the time or the energy to work on a daily basis, particularly if your business is on the rise. Using your own admin staff is a classic move for savvy businesspeople who want to save money on the operations side of their business, leaving them to focus on expansion and services. However, it is still commonplace for businesses to outsource simple tasks to expensive freelancers because the managers or admin staff think that they can’t get the job done themselves.

This is patently ridiculous. If you need a flier created, a logo designed, or an eBook written and published to promote your business, your admin staff can easily do that for you if they’re given the right skills and access to industry standard software like Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Smart business owners who value their admin teams will have their employees salaried, or if they remain casual, those employees’ working hours will be accounted for in the business’s budget. However, employing the services of a graphic designer, copy writer, or other extraneous professional is not a part of your daily budget and can cost your business enormous sums of money.

You can save that money by investing in your admin staff and enrolling them in professional development courses with the aim of educating working people in the use of Adobe’s flagship software, namely Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. At Creative Training Solutions, we offer competitively priced full-day courses in both the basics and advanced use of these programs, with the promise of additional email support from our professional, certified staff for twelve months after the end of your course. What’s more, we’re so confident in our teaching ability that if you’ve already sat a full-day course at Creative Training Solutions, we allow you to re-sit that course absolutely free of charge. Our classes are deliberately kept small to ensure that our students receive the attention they need to succeed and we make sure to cover the business applications of Adobe’s software in class as well. Good business is about being smart with your employees and investing in their skills and abilities. You can begin saving money on graphic design, copy writing and other creative ventures for your business as soon as your admin staff are trained in the use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, leaving you with more money in your pocket to invest in the business you’ve worked so hard to establish and maintain.


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