What are the Adobe CC 2018 Updates


Hey, I hope you’re having a great week and that you are getting prepared for Christmas. Adobe CC have recently released the 2018 version of the Creative Cloud and there are some interesting new updates. In this article i’ll talk about the Adobe CC 2018 updates, here are my thoughts on this:

What I am really loving with Illustrators new features is the exporting assets function. How this works is that creates sub-folders at the location by default based on the scaling options you choose, which saves plenty of time. Illustrator can now export raster objects accurately – however you must export using the asset export panel. Also loving how you can now text assets from illustrator into the Creative Cloud libraries and use them in the other applications. This is new in the latest update.

I have been a massive fan of editing my photos in lightroom and with this latest update I am able to access my Lightroom photos in Photoshop. You need this to be synced from Lightroom, it’s super eay and what I do, its great. I am also learning more about the curvature Pen tool in Photoshop – this is rather interesting as it lets you draw smooth curves and straight line segments with equal ease. I will add more about this next time.

Now for InDesign updates – I love being able to add a paragraph border to a paragraph, you are able to customise corners for that design element. They have also enhanced the search feature for looking for fonts you can narrow this down by classification. i.e serif, sans serif and handwritten. They have also made several enhancements to PDF Accesibility, I am still trying to get my head around some of these new features, but will come back to you next time with more information.

I still haven’t updated my desktop computer with the latest updates however it’s be ok on the laptop. I will most likely be updating my main computer over the Christmas break, I never rush into this as there is generally a lot of bugs Adobe needs to clean up first. Overall these are my favourite inclusions of the Adobe CC 2018 Updates.

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