How Your Business Can Benefit from You Learning to Use Illustrator

There’s no one key to business success, although many people claim that they have found one. To continue that particular analogy, succeeding at business requires a key ring stacked with keys, each to open a different door but with no one key more important than any other. It’s a gross oversimplification of an immensely complex process, but the successful operation of a business requires numerous skills in commerce, production, human resources, and marketing. It’s no wonder that big businesses have entire departments dedicated to each individual segment of the business’ operation. If you’re just starting up your business now, or if you’ve been running a small-, or medium-sized, business for a while, you probably don’t have the resources or the staff necessary to delegate tasks to entire departments. If you do, a “department” might be limited to only one or two employees who likely have other jobs to do as well. Thus, many businesses make the choice to outsource some of the work unrelated to the primary work of the business to independent contractors. Examples of this include staff training, catering, and logo design. While catering generally does need to be performed by specialised professionals, you can design your own logo if you have the necessary skills coupled with the right vector graphics editing software. Of those available, Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard.

What is Vector Graphics Editing?

Vector graphics systems, like Adobe Illustrator, have been around for quite some time. They were initially used in the United States for air defence, and some vector graphics systems are actually still used by the United States military. They operate by using polygons to represent images, based on vectors leading through control points. These points determine the direction of the vector, each of which can be assigned a different shape, colour, fill, or thickness. A vector graphics editor is a computer program that can manipulate and create vector graphics interactively on a computer, whether that computer is a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet.

While vector graphics editors are commonly used in the field of animation, they are ideal for logo creation, particularly in the expanding field of digital marketing. Vector graphics often have a relatively small file size and can be, theoretically, infinitely zoomed in on, allowing a talented vector graphics designer to shape and mould your business’ logo to suit any potential application. On the note of animation, creating short, user-friendly animations with a professional touch can be a great way of promoting your business online. Once you’ve mastered the skills necessary to design your own business’s logo, you might want to animate the newly created graphic for use in staff training videos or promotional material. To do this, you’ll want to use industry standard software and to be taught by a professional how to get the most out of your vector graphic editor.

While some people have a knack for teaching themselves how to use intricate, powerful software, most business owners have other more pressing issues to occupy their time and brainpower. Between payroll, client liaisons, and every other facet of the day-to-day operations of a business of any size, there’s virtually no time to teach yourself how to use software, and there’s no guarantee that self-education will cover all that you need to know to get the best possible results. As with any venture, you want the graphic design side of your business to be the best it possibly can, which is why employing the services of a professional, certified, qualified training service will make all the difference to your software knowledge.

Professional Training

Creative Training Solutions, an Australian professional development company based in the Gold Coast suburb of Molendinar, provides a vast range of courses aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal of skills to include aptitude with Adobe’s vector graphics editing software, you might want to consider our Introduction to Adobe Illustrator course for you or your staff. Creative Training Solutions’s small class sizes mean that any and all of your questions will be addressed and that you’ll receive personal attention from our certified instructors when you need it. Besides, any educational professional can and will tell you that there’s a direct link between the size of a class and the quality of education received by its members- the smaller the class, the more you’ll learn. The optimal ratio is 1:1, or one teacher for one student, although this is not always feasible in the classroom setting. However, Creative Training Solutions offers not only the opportunity to re-sit full-day courses absolutely free of charge, but we provide a twelve-month window of email support for you. This means that once you’ve picked up the introductory Adobe skills taught by the two-day course, you can maintain 1:1 contact with a qualified professional and consult them for advice regarding your logos, graphics, and anything else relevant to the software we taught you how to use.

If you’re looking for an introduction to Adobe Illustrator, the two-day course offered by Creative Training Solutions will actually guide you through all the steps necessary to create your own graphic design project as well as tips on how Illustrator can inspire creativity in your business. It’s a common saying in professional development circles that once you start operating in a creative sphere, you’ll keep operating in that state of mind and your productivity and innovation will skyrocket as a result.

At Creative Training Solutions, we use all the latest computer technology in conjunction with standardised programs on our computers to ensure that the education you receive is up to date. The benefit of this, particularly when it comes to Adobe software, is that Adobe’s Creative Cloud is designed so that their applications are optimised for use in conjunction with one another. For example, Adobe InDesign, the desktop publishing service used to create eBooks, can be used alongside Illustrator to create attractive, distinctive fliers and brochures for your business. You’ll be able to use all the latest software confidently to enhance your business, whether that’s through a modern digital marketing campaign or simply designing a great logo.


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