What You Can Do with Adobe Acrobat Now

Nobody, except possibly a few extremely passionate public servants, likes doing their paperwork. More often than not, filling out forms, filing them properly, and examining them for potential deficits feels like a chore that most of us can honestly say we’d rather do without. If you’re a hands-on businessperson, you want to be elbow-deep in the machinations of your business, improving it, making it work, and getting the most out of your immeasurable personal and financial investment. Time spent going through paperwork often feels like time wasted. Fortunately software exists to counteract this dreaded feeling and make the entire process streamlined and efficient so you have the time to work on the aspects of your business that matter most to you.

Today, more than ever, we use documents as the backbone of our internal and external communication. With documents, we articulate, organise and share our ideas, experiences, and knowledge. The advent of the Internet meant that these ideas, experiences, and knowledge can be shared with an audience of billions, all with the simple click of a button. Despite this, many businesses and even government departments are still using documents and filing their paperwork in archaic fashion, but this does not have to be the case.

Dynamic Communications

An increasing number of information workers and tech-savvy managers are using their documents creatively to get the most out of their communicative capacity. This dynamic communications style has the express goal of exponentially improving the collaborative capacity of information-sharing among colleagues, partners, and clients by maximising the benefits of automation while retaining the personal touch of human-to-human contact. Depending on the size of your business, there could be dozens of document-driven processes external to the enterprise itself (like policy writing and other admin-heavy work) that need to be accomplished every day, perhaps even more if you are operating in a large corporate body with a need for constant inter-departmental communication. If you or your staff are trained properly in using the right software – like Adobe Acrobat, for example – the creation and proliferation of these vital documents become streamlined and efficient. With Adobe Acrobat, you can maximise the communicative potential of your documents and paperwork, while simultaneously minimising the time and money spent on them.

Consider the flow of information required for your business to set up new premises in a quickly-gentrifying part of town. If you’re constructing the building, construction firms need a certified engineering firm to sign off on the design. If you’re renting existing premises, you’ll need approval from the landlord, a rental history, and a budget, all of which need to be seen by eyes other than your own or those of your dedicated staff. There are more forms to sign before you receive council approval for any potential noise related to your business, before you build inroads in the local community, and before you have the chance to start working on the newest phase of your business. In the old days, you’d either have to take the documents from person to person or send a courier to do so, but this is an overwhelmingly inefficient mode of communication. Today, you can just send the documents in an email or, better yet, upload them to a mutually accessible cloud (like Adobe’s Creative Cloud) for ease of mutual access. No risk of wet weather damaging ink or of pages getting crumpled or lost in someone’s desk.

Another application of this type of communication is if you’re writing a new policy or business plan and need it reviewed by a professional. You could take it to them in person, or mail it to them, both of which will consume your time, and the latter of which risks damage in the post or the mailbox or being lost by a clumsy postman. You’re much better off sending a PDF of the document to your lawyer, accountant, or another reviewer, who can then inform you of their position on the matter by highlighting passages or attaching sticky notes and other forms of annotation. You can even include an option for a digital sign-off, making your document-based communication experience efficient, speedy and, most importantly, cost-effective.

Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

If you want to be able to maximise the efficiency of your business communication, you’ll want to be as well-informed as possible as to the tools available to you in Adobe Acrobat, the industry standard PDF reading and editing software. By far the best way to do this is by enrolling yourself or your staff in an Introduction to Acrobat course such as that offered by Creative Training Solutions, a professional development company operating out of Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast. Our one-day Acrobat course covers the basics of dynamic communication and is led by a qualified, certified trainer who can answer any and all of your questions. What’s more, we use the latest computer technology and software in our programs, meaning that all those who pass through the halls of Creative Training Solutions are up-to-date on how to make the most out of their electronic forms. In fact, with full-day courses such as the introduction to Acrobat, we offer our clients the chance to re-sit the course completely free of charge as well as the chance to take advantage of our ongoing twelve-month email support window. What this means is that should Adobe update your software, leaving you unfamiliar with the processes of the program you’re using, you can simply email one of our qualified professionals for assistance or come back in to sit the course once more and hone your Acrobat skills.

Enrolling in a course that will help you get the most out of Acrobat won’t completely eliminate the perennial headache that is paperwork, but it will endow you with the skills necessary to streamline your paperwork processes. If your business employs an admin team, you could even enrol them in the course, allowing them to save time on communication. This will save you money in the process and allow your business to stride confidently forward into the technology-filled twenty-first century.


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