Why Use Indesign OVER Word

Indesign vs Word

I am often asked WHY use INDESIGN over WORD. Indesign is very versatility and what it can do for you. By knowing the basics of InDesign, you can create just about any type of graphic element needed for your business. I have always been taught that word is word processing program and InDesign is a page layout program.  MSWord isn’t a page layout program – which makes placing graphics into Word extremely difficult for graphics to stay in place especially on text wraps, and disappearing graphics when opening and closing a document, this does my head in.

Don’t get me started on the limited font options – ugh Word can not deal with spot colours (ie Patone colours) and CMYK – this will result in extra fees when it comes to pre press stage, which could be an expensive exercise. Besides not many printers will attempt to do this. This is the same for colour separation and the final colours won’t be what you want.

  • You can not add BLEEDto a Word file this making it hard to supply to printers for print production.
  • By using Indesignyou have a lot more control with type (typography).
  • You can produce graphics for both print and web.
  • Indesignhandles long documents rather nicely, and you can produce high quality PDF’s for print production easily. Images stay put! And don’t move around.
  • You can you CMYK, RGB and spot colours easily.
  • InDesigndoesn’t convert place images into random colour space.
  • One of my favourite functions
  • The ability to package a file (word can’t do this)- that includes placing all fonts, graphics and linked files ie word doc’s into a folder so all your resources for the project are easy to get to.
  • So what can you design use InDesign for your business: here is a list of some things we create in our business on a daily basis:


  • Business Cards
  • Flyer’s
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Large format signs
  • Packaging
  • Layouts
  • Magazines
  • HIGH res PDF’s for print
  • Newsletters
  • Forms – client contact details
  • Proposals
  • Tenders
  • Resumes
  • Media Kits
  • Style Guide
  • Gift Certificates
  • Awards Contracts
  • Catalogue (charts and tables)
  • Presentations
Industry Standard Page Layout Program - using Indesign


  • Web banners ie graphics
  • Social media graphics – posts
  • E books or printed books
  • Digital Magazines
  • PDF – surveys
  • Online worksheets
  • Online content for blogs
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Interactive PDF’s (hyper links – videos, Sound etc)
  • Check-lists

So this page layout program is Industry Standard for creating many different professional documents, and as you can see from the above list the other items I personally create for both our business. Indesign is very easy to learn and I can get you started with learning Indesign with 1 or 3 days training in the program. See here for more details.

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