Intro to Graphic Design

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Course hours 8:30am to 4.00pm for 3 days.



Have an interest in design? Want to turn your hand drawn artwork into digital marketable pieces? Learn the software that graphic designers use to create their visual communication, in just 3 days. Software that we teach the basics includes, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe illustrator and create print ready PDF’s using Acrobat.

This introduction to Graphic Design is a comprehensive introduction set of courses that will allow you to start doing design work in your business, it will save you time and money (not waiting for designers) and will allow you to take control.

Projects you’ll cover:

The projects we cover over the three days include:

• Web graphic ad
• Live Tracing an Image and colouring in
• Colours CMYK vs RGB
• File formats for outputting for both print and web for all 3 programs
• Cutting out a person and changing the background
• Creating a pattern in photoshop from part of the image and applying that.
• Setting up an A4 Print ready ad.
• DL Front and Back – print ready ad
• Web graphic ad for social media
• Creating PDF’s with Adobe Acrobat and file sizes with Acrobat for web/print/email

What you will Learn:

In 3 days you will learn the basics of Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign as well as Acrobat.

  • Create Vector elements
  • Enhance a photo
  • Then bring them all into InDesign to create a double sided DL yer for print

Course Content:


• Pen Tool
• Segments, Anchor Points, Curves
• Colour fills/storkes
• Anchor points
• Direction points
• Creating a sign
• Working with a templates
• Basic shapes
• Live Trace
• Live Paint
• Gradients
• Swatches
• Merging shapes
• Transparency options


• Making Selections
• Basic re-touching using 3 tools
• Replacing backgrounds of an image
• Combing to images into one
• Creating a front cover
• Selecting with quick masks
• Cropping, blending
• Gradient tool – patterning
• Preparing Digital photos for print and web
• Flie formats for Photoshop
• Intro to Adjustment Layers and Masks
• Creating a Silhouettes


• Setting Preferences
• The control panel
• Basic keyboard shortcuts
• Setting up the document
• Placing an image
• Facing pages
• Colour swatches
• Defining colours
• Multiple text columns
• Text wrap
• Styles
• Character Styles
• Nested Styles

Train with us:


Our accredited trainers are industry professionals who have over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry. So what does this mean. we are certified educators with real world experiences which this relates back to the activities that we do in class.


We teach on Adobes latest creative cloud  application on-in house fast computers, with no more than 6 students as we like to personalise your experience. You can download the Adobe Creative Cloud at your workplace and create visual communications, edit documents in no time at all. Visit Adobe’s CC website for more information: Here

On going support

We believe in you using the programs when you leave us, so our training continues with online video resources, back up email support, re sit options and invitations to join our online community forum.

Additional information


October: 12th-14th
November: 2nd – 4th
29th – 2nd Dec

26 reviews for Intro to Graphic Design

  1. Student Feedback

    Denice Bird:

    Great Intro to the new world of graphic design. I appreciate the offer of support if I have problems over the next few months. Appreciate the opportunity to learn in small classrooms. The pace was perfect!

  2. Student Feedback

    Sara Baker:

    Good small group environment allowing personalised attention from the instructor. Learnt so much in 3 days that will be applied at work. Thanks Andrea

  3. Student Feedback

    Stephanie Makedonas:

    Great introduction course with plenty of useful and relevant information without being overwhelming.

  4. Student Feedback

    Alyse Paterson:

    Andrea was a great teacher and went out of her way to make exercises relevant to our work. Thank you 🙂

  5. Student Feedback

    Jacqui Le

    I really enjoyed the classes… The information provided is very informative.

  6. Student Feedback

    Kerri Grieg:

    Excellent. If I get the opportunity I will be back to expand my skills.

  7. Student Feedback

    Marcia Stray:

    Good for learners like me.

  8. Student Feedback

    Erin Dark:

    Very good course, was good for beginner level & a nice pace to keep up. Learnt very useful things to progress and to use at work.

  9. Student Feedback

    Lisa Townley:

    Knowledgeable and thorough, great teacher who broke tools/processes down in a way that’s easy to understand.

  10. Student Feedback

    Lucinda Drapper:

    I would most definitely recommend this course and Andrea as an Instructor. I was nervous about not knowing much of AI, PS, & ID. Andrea is very thorough and an excellent instructor.

  11. Student Feedback

    Luke White:

    Great 3 Day Course, Thankyou!

  12. Student Feedback

    Stuart Rawlinson:

    Fantastic Course – Andrea goes at the perfect pace and is patient – each activity reinforces the previous one and I feel very good about going to work and using these 3 programs.

  13. Student Feedback


    Very Good! Learnt a lot!!

  14. Student Feedback

    Tess Wagner:

    Great Course, will definitely be back for the re-fresher within the year after having practice at work.

  15. Student Feedback


    Great attention to detail & Andrea took time to keep each of us at the same pace.

  16. Student Feedback

    Warrick McDonald:

    Great introduction to all three suites very good at pacing and assisting with individual needs and abilities.

  17. Student Feedback


    Very Informative. friendly and well spoken.

  18. Student Feedback

    Lara Malentret:

    Thoroughly enjoyed.

  19. Student Feedback

    Heidi Wallace:

    So many elements were cover so all questions were covered thank you : )

  20. Student Feedback

    Beth Karikari:

    I was really impressed with the courses. Andrea effectively managed teaching classes with a variety of experience levels. I took something away every day and learnt a lot about every program. Thank you! I’ll be back!

  21. Student Feedback


    Andrea was a great instructor!

  22. Student Feedback

    James Gough:

    This course was a great intro to the Adobe suite but there’s so much more to learn! Thank Andrea for setting us on our way.

  23. Student Feedback

    Melissa Pearce:

    Great training! Lot’s to remember so may be back for a refresher.

  24. Student Feedback


    Great teaching Andrea

  25. Student Feedback


    Thankyou so much!

  26. Student Feedback

    Catherine McCabe:

    So practical. Can’t wait to develop and apply these skills.

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