Introduction Adobe Illustrator


Course hours 8:30am to 4:00pm for 2 days.

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Illustrator creates vector graphics that are made up of lines and curves, defined by mathematical objects. We can move or modify these vector’s without losing any detail or clarity, because these are resolution independent. So what does this mean – these graphics are able to scale to any size while having smooth, crisp edges.

These graphics/vectors create things like Logos, illustrations, graphics, drawings, icons, cartoons plus turning real photos into vectors, promotional items for both print and web – Illustrator is a very versatile program.

What you will Learn:

• Personalise the workspace
• Using the Pen Tool
• Using the live trace tool to covert images
• Using both photoshop and Illustrator together
• Learn about Colour and how to change a colour quickly.
• Understand masks and patterns
• Output files for print, web

Projects you will cover:

• Setting up a print READY PDF with bleed ad
• Setting up a web/social media documents
• Draw and colour in a line drawing
• Apply a pattern to some clothing and to the background.
• Enhancing infographics with special effects

Course Content:

Straight lines
• Using the pen tool
• Adjusting the workspace
• Arranging objects
• Colour fills

• Drawing curves (pen tool)
• Anchor points and direction points
• Default fill and stroke

Corners and curves
• Drawing corners and curves (pen tool)
• Adjusting anchor points

Combing shapes together to create a sign
• Fill and stroke
• Basic shape tools
• Grouping objects

Layers panel
• Working with templates
• Saving files with templates
• Saving illustrator files! Options

Live Trace – benefits
• Live trace and live paint
• Tracing hand-drawn images
• Coloring live paint objects
• Brushes
• Flare tool

Compound paths and selections
• Compound paths
• Group selection tools




Understanding Masks
• Clipping masks
• Blob brush tool
• Eraser tool
• Reflect tool

Masking with type
• Type tool
• Clipping masks(editable type)
• Filling text with a photo
• Placing linked images
• Blending
• Blend tool
• Blending options

Wavy line blend
• Blending lines
• Reflect tool
• Rotate tool

Juggling colours and gradients
• Dashed lines and stroke options
• Saving colours as swatches
• Blending modes
• Gradient tool
• Saving gradient swatches

Combing shapes with the pathfinder
• Merging paths (pathfinder)
• Transparency options
• Grouping objects




• Creating patterns and applying them

Creating a Ad
• Working with type
• Formating text including typing on a path.

Creating Styles
• Using transparency
• Blending modes
• Drop shadows
• and arrows

Using Photoshop and Illlustrator together
• Creating and editing masks
• Compound paths

General bits layers, Artboards, Recolouring Artboards, Creative cloud libraries
• Understanding file formats
• For web
• For print


Our accredited trainers are industry professionals who have over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry. So what does this mean. we are certified educators with real world experiences which this relates back to the activities that we do in class.


We teach on Adobes latest creative cloud  application on-in house fast computers, with no more than 5 students as we like to personalise your experience. You can download the Adobe Creative Cloud at your workplace and create visual communications, edit documents in no time at all. Visit Adobe’s CC website for more information: Here

On going support

We believe in you using the programs when you leave us, so our training continues with online video resources, back up email support, re sit options and invitations to join our online community forum.

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Course Dates 2019:

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