Introduction to Adobe Lightroom 5


Course hours 8:30am to 4:00pm for 2 days.

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Adobe Lightroom Gold Coast, Perfect for all Gold Coast & Brisbane residents.  Learn the basics of importing photos into Lightroom’s catalog, edit, organizing images, optimizing and develop your photos for printing, create slide shows, web pages and printed books, publish images on social media.

What you will Learn:

• Quick ways of editing photos
• Making a collection
• How to use Meta data
• Publishing Photos
• Editing photos in Lightroom


Will need to be familiar with Windows or Macintosh and it is important to be familiar with the mouse, using standard menu commands and basic file management techniques.

Course Content:

Quick Tour of Lightroom
• The Library, Develop, Slideshow and web modules
• Importing Photos
• Creating a Collection
• Keywords, Meta data
• Colour Correction and Editing Intro
• Cropping, Gill light, Lens Distortion
• Exporting for the web

Importing Photos
• The import process
• Importing from a camera or the hard disk
• Evaluating photos before importing
• Importing to a specific folder
• Importing from other catalogs or watched folder

Reviewing Photos
• Viewing and managing images
• Switching views
• Flagging and deleting images
• Grouping images in the Quick Collection
• Adding a board
• Deleting an image



Organising and Selecting
• Organising folders
• Using collections to organise images
• Applying keyword tags
• Using flags and ratings
• Adding meta data
• Finding and filtering files
• Reconnecting missing files and folders

Developing and Editing
• Quickly Develop
• The Develop Module
• Undoing, redoing and remembering changes
• Removing spots
• Applying basic colour corrections
• Making discrete colour adjustments
• Synchoronizing Settings
• Local correction



Publishing Photos
• Publishing Photos from the library
• The Lightroom web module
• Creating and customising a web gallery
• Specifying output settings
• Previewing the gallery
• Saving custom Templates
• Exporting and uploading web galleries

Creating Backups and Exporting Photos
• Preventing data loss
• Backing up the catalog file and library
• Exporting photos


Our accredited trainers are industry professionals who have over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry. So what does this mean. we are certified educators with real world experiences which this relates back to the activities that we do in class.


We teach on Adobes latest creative cloud  application on-in house fast computers, with no more than 5 students as we like to personalise your experience. You can download the Adobe Creative Cloud at your workplace and create visual communications, edit documents in no time at all. Visit Adobe’s CC website for more information: Here

On going support

We believe in you using the programs when you leave us, so our training continues with online video resources, back up email support, re sit options and invitations to join our online community forum.

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