Photoshop Day Course – Level 1

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Course hours 8:30am to 4:00pm for 1 day





This Photoshop Day Course is designed to get you started fast, using the Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). It is taught on the Gold Coast and is specialised for people who need to use Photoshop lightly and only have one day to spare.

This 1-day Adobe Photoshop course is designed to fast-track your learning and teach you the basics of photo editing. Our industry experts will guide you through the fundamentals of Photoshop so you can hit the ground running after completing the course. 

Using the latest version of Photoshop, you’ll discover the basic tips and tricks used by professional graphic designers and learn valuable techniques and shortcuts to help you get started. 

This course is designed for those with little or no Photoshop experience and will give you the know-how to complete simple Photoshop tasks. You’ll learn how to retouch photos, replace backgrounds, crop photos, use finish effects and much more. 

Adobe Photoshop Level 1 is perfect for anyone wanting to create social media content in-house and edit and manipulate images for marketing collateral. 

Want to learn more? Sign up for our Level 2 Adobe Photoshop course to further your skills.

What you will Learn:

Photoshop is a leading industry program. You will learn photoshops basic techniques of:

• Getting Started
• Making Selections
• Photo re touching basics
• Replacing Backgrounds
• Creating a background cover
• Preparing Photo for print
• Saving Images for Web

Projects you will cover:

• Cutting out a person and changing the background
• Photo Retouching
• Creating a basic background cover
• Creating a pattern out of the image and applying to a selection
• Web graphic ad for social media

Course Content

Getting started
• Setting Preferences
• The control panel
• Basic keyboard short cuts
• Common retouching tasks such as eliminating red eye, erasing blemishes
• Removing undesired background elements
• Copying and pasting
• Making Selections
• Using the healing brush tool
• Clone stamp tool
• The magic wand
• Image Compositing



• Feathering Selections
• Working with Layers
• Working with Type
• Quick Masks
• Gradient Tools
• Creating a pattern
• Blending
• Outputting the images for web
• Resizing images
• jpeg quality
• Using Curves
• Masking out unwanted adjusments
• Colour RGB vs CMYK
• Colour Fill
• Refine Edges


Our accredited trainers are industry professionals who have over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry. So what does this mean. we are certified educators with real world experiences which this relates back to the activities that we do in class.


We teach on Adobes latest creative cloud  application on-in house fast computers, with no more than 6 students as we like to personalise your experience. You can download the Adobe Creative Cloud at your workplace and create visual communications, edit documents in no time at all. Visit Adobe’s CC website for more information: Here

On going support

We believe in you using the programs when you leave us, so our training continues with online video resources, back up email support, re sit options and invitations to join our online community forum.

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October: 13th
November: 3rd, 30th

15 reviews for Photoshop Day Course – Level 1

  1. Student Feedback

    Riani Kruger:

    Very Happy 🙂

  2. Student Feedback

    Deb Parker:

    Brilliant – Thankyou

  3. Student Feedback

    Kriti Gupta:

    Great Course!!

  4. Student Feedback

    Caitlin Etchells:

    Great Experience. Great Teacher

  5. Student Feedback

    Laura Jensen:

    Thankyou for the additional insight & the handout is very helpful.

  6. Student Feedback

    Regan Whiteman:

    Thankyou 🙂

  7. Student Feedback

    Donna Lowry:

    Absolutely helpful. Can see these techniques being applicable to what I need to achieve. Thanks Heaps!

  8. Student Feedback

    Michaela Berry:

    Small class so lots of extra special attention. I learnt lots. Thanks!

  9. Student Feedback

    Jasmine Deetlefs:

    An awesome course – I would highly recommend it to others 🙂

  10. Student Feedback


    Thankyou for all your help Andrea, the course was worth the trip!! 🙂

  11. Student Feedback


    Was a very good day! Thank you!!!

  12. Student Feedback

    Andrea F:

    I can take these skills back to the office and use them immediately, super helpful!

  13. Student Feedback


    Thank you Andrea, the course was Informative and taught me the basic knowledge of Photoshop.

  14. Student Feedback


    Good activity with skills to integrate & apply

  15. Student Feedback


    Only 2 students, too fast as other student knew what she was doing (prior experience). I appreciate the extra time Andrea gave me

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