Why should you invest in a short graphic design course?

Graphic design (noun) – the art or skill of combing text & pictures in advertisements, magazines, books or what we see on the web. Thus being a very important skill that will last you throughout your career. Graphic design is most commonly used in the world of marketing; it allows businesses to create new and unique imagery that can be used for marketing their products or services here at Creative Training solutions we offer a short graphic design course which will get you started on some of the Adobe programs in no more than 3 days.

Whether you are an architect or a marketing agent, learning graphic design software is a crucial skill in this century. In fact, even managerial employees can benefit from learning it. Having skills in using the graphic design software also serves as a distinctive skill on your resume in case you ever want to apply for a different job.

At Creative Training Solutions, we offer an extensive range of graphic design software classes to many individuals looking for a short graphic design course. If you are interested in learning more about graphic design software and how it can prove to be beneficial for you, here are just some of the many reasons why you should attend our three-day intro to graphic design course.

The Best of Three Worlds

Everyone thinks “oh I have Photoshop – I will do that in Photoshop”. But as the name suggests PHOTOSHOP: it is a raster program which can edit and manipulate images as well as enhancing them. Photoshop has been around for 27 years and nowadays it can do even more.  However, InDesign and Illustrator are also very important for a marketing layout. InDesign is a page layout program and Illustrator creates vectors that are scalable. In our Intro to short Graphic Design Course, we will teach you the basics of not just Photoshop but also InDesign and Illustrator and Acrobat. You will learn how to use these programs together to produce print-ready marketing collateral and then compress images for social media or the web.

Training with us

After training with the Adobe suite programs for years and designing for companies large and small, we have set up Creative Training Solutions as a resource for business and individuals who are creative but don’t know how to use the programs. Hello to our short graphic design course, which will have you producing Print Ready DL flyers or social media images. We offer a flexible learning environment with small class sizes so that we can personally walk you through the programs and teach you to do the edits that can save you TIME and Money. Plus it’s also a great skill to have if you are looking for another job.

Experienced Teachers

Our Intro to short Graphic Design course is taught by experienced teachers who have worked in the graphic design industry for many years and use the Adobe products daily in their business. All of the teachers working at Creative Training Solutions are industry-trained, Adobe Educators and Adobe Certified. Thus, you will get expert knowledge from professionals who remain up to date with all of the latest additions and updates being released for Adobe products.

This ensures that you get to learn the latest features introduced for the program, thus staying ahead of the curve. Moreover, if you are a student or not for profit you can always contact us to find out more about the discounts that we offer. After completing the training, you will also receive a signed certificate confirming your participation in the course, and have support.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions on 07 5597 5184

Or book online at: https://www.creativetrainingsolutions.com.au/product/intro-to-graphic-design/


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