The Undeniable Benefits of Learning Photoshop for your Business

Despite its frequent, near-omnipresent usage in modern parlance, the term “Photoshop” is actually frequently misused and misrepresented by the denizens of the Internet. While many choose to use the word as a verb – as in “this picture is Photoshopped” or “did you Photoshop this image?” – the term actually refers to a specific, versatile, and extremely useful piece of software. Adobe Photoshop, the software in question, is a graphics editor published by the tech juggernaut Adobe. It is an industry standard, not only in its specific field of raster graphics editing, but in graphic design, image creation, and even advertisement and marketing. The reason for this is very simple. Once you know how to use Photoshop, you won’t ever forget how.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, or the head of a marketing, advertising, or graphics department within a larger business, you are probably considering using Photoshop in the initial stages of your next big advertising campaign. You might purchase the software, install it on your business’s network so it’s accessible to all machines within the network, and have the basic layout of a new logo or graphic ready to go. While you might be able to teach yourself the proper usage of Photoshop, it’s far less efficient to use the caveman method of trial and error. You and your business would be far better off investing in an Adobe Photoshop training course led by industry trained professionals so you can optimise the impact Photoshop will have on your business in an efficient time window. After all, what businessperson has the time or the energy to teach themselves how to use unfamiliar software?

Photoshop and Your Business

Adobe Photoshop is an enormously powerful program with unparalleled versatility. With it, you can quickly change the background of an image, remove unwanted objects, alter colours and create eye-catching, attractive marketing material for your business. For example, you might have taken a beautiful photo of your business premises for promotional purposes, but the lighting was less than ideal and saturates the coloured uniforms you’ve agonisingly chosen to represent your business. On the other hand, you might want to edit your current logo or marketing graphics, updating them for the modern era. A sound, comprehensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop will allow you to bring out the colours of your employees’ uniforms, easily add or remove graphics on your logo, and any other photo or graphic edit that might seize your imagination. Adobe Photoshop, like any professional tool or application, can be as beneficial as you need it to be.

Of course, if you’re considering the applications of Photoshop for your business, you need it to be as beneficial and useful as possible. Services like Creative Training Solutions exist so that you can enrol in a quick, three-day introductory course run by industry trained professionals that will endow you with the skills that will give your business a vital edge over the competition when it comes to digital and visual marketing.

Photoshop Training

You might be an absolute greenhorn when it comes to Adobe Photoshop and need an introductory course that will cover the basics of Photoshop use and how they pertain to your business’ needs. Creative Training Solutions, a professional training service operating out of Molendinar, Queensland, offers a three-day introductory course aimed at first-time Photoshop users looking to build their skills. The Adobe Photoshop training course covers retouching images, combining images together, colour corrections, layers and filters, and an exhaustive list of elementary Photoshop skills. Over the span of the three days, these basic skills will help you to use Photoshop like a true graphics professional. By the end of the course Creative Training Solutions promises that you’ll be completing advanced techniques. In fact, we are so confident in our training ability that you can re-sit the course for free if you need a refresher.

Any education professional will tell you that smaller class sizes are the best way to teach. After all, anyone who’s had extra tutoring after school will tell you that they learned best when learning 1:1 – if that wasn’t the case, the sector of education focusing on individual coaching would cease to exist. Creative Training Solutions courses are uniformly composed of small classes, with some even reaching the minute ratio of 1:1. The minuscule size of these classes means that your voice will be heard should you have any questions to ask or opinions to offer, and you’ll receive individual attention from the professionals leading the class when you need it. Small classes are by far the most efficient method for an individual to learn, and this rule applies equally to professionals seeking advance training in Adobe Photoshop just as it does for other students.

Although our Introduction to Photoshop course is popular and widely used, Creative Training Solutions also have a two-day Advanced Adobe Photoshop course available, aimed at experienced users and those who have completed the introductory course. The advanced course, like all other Creative Training Solutions courses, is led by a certified, qualified trainer and designer who can answer any and all of your professional queries. Creative Training Solutions offers ongoing email support, so if you want to advance training in Adobe Photoshop beyond the end of the course, you can simply log into your email and get in touch with an industry professional capable of answering whatever questions you may have.

Professional development has always been a top priority for forward-thinking business people, and in the current climate, when technology develops faster than ever before, getting the right training and development programs for you, your staff, and your business is of the utmost importance. A great Adobe Photoshop training course can give you the skills you need to avoid enlisting the services of expensive freelance graphic designers when you’re constructing your next flier, logo, or advertisement. With the right training, all you’d need to do is fire up Adobe Photoshop and get to work on expanding your business with your own creativity and knowledge.


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