Why You Should Use Adobe InDesign for Your Business

Sometimes it can seem like the amount of software out there geared towards helping out businesses is endless. Different producers, manufacturers, and designers are all vying for the same market and often try to appeal to your personal and professional needs in the process. This can all be entirely overwhelming, particularly if you’re not a technologically minded person or if you’re someone who prefers real-world business to everything that happens in cyberspace. Try as you might, however, the onward march of technology is unstoppable, and even the most technophobic business owner needs to have an array of software skills in order to give their business the best possible shot at success. Creating eBooks is one of these skills, and in order to do so your best bet is to use Adobe InDesign.

What Are eBooks?

Simply put, an eBook is a book or publication available in digital form that can be read on devices such as computers, tablets, e-readers, or mobile phones. An increasing number of books are being written digitally, but have no real-world counterpart. This means that there are eBooks that exist only in digital form, with no print copies of the text, images, or combination thereof available anywhere in the world (unless, of course, you take it upon yourself to print the e-book at home). The origins of the eBook can actually be traced back to the mid-twentieth century, long before the dawn of the smartphone or tablet computer. Digital indexes of the works of Thomas Aquinas were stored on CD-ROMs in the late 1940s, a project completed in the 1970s. In the early 1970s, the United States Declaration of Independence was saved on a computer in plain text. Today, eBooks exist of almost the entire literary canon, instruction manuals for various electronic devices (including, ironically, those on which they are read), and even long-form advertisements for businesses.

eBooks and your Business

Although Australia hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of the world in terms of Internet speed, the Australian appetite for cutting-edge technology has never been more insatiable. As with any form of technology, the value of eBooks hinges entirely on how they are used. Forward-thinking business owners or marketing professionals looking to get the most out of their next campaign should consider using eBooks as a modern, efficient marketing tool capable of promoting your business and its services to the broadest possible range of consumers.

The simplest way to use eBooks to promote your business is to write one yourself. Without the prohibitive costs of printing and ink, you can make and publish infinite copies of your eBook for the cost of an Internet connection and the appropriate software. For example, if you’re operating a dental practice, you could write an eBook on oral hygiene and the services you provide. Anyone who reads an entire book – and the eBook doesn’t have to be particularly long, just well-written – about your business and its services is sure to remember you next time he or she needs a cavity filled or an adjustment to their child’s braces. If you build anything that requires a manual or a guide, you could write an eBook of the instruction manual (or if you sell build-it-yourself furniture, the construction manual). What’s more, eBooks are free to publish, meaning that you’ll be saving money otherwise spent on printing and paper, and you can offer eBooks to your customers for free.

Adobe InDesign is desktop publishing software that can be used to create posters, advertisements, long documents and, of course, eBooks. Many digital magazines are produced using InDesign, which has the added benefit of operating in conjunction with other Adobe applications. This allows you to assemble a suite of user-friendly apps to complement one another in the promotion of your business, with Adobe’s aim being to advance InDesign to the lead position in the competitive world of publishing software.

Using eBooks to your advantage, however, requires a measure of understanding when it comes to the creation and deployment of the eBooks you’ve painstakingly designed to appeal to your potential consumers. You want to be well-informed as to how to optimise your eBooks, particularly if you’re giving them to your customers. That’s why a good training course could be invaluable to you, your employees, and your business.

Acquiring the Skills You Need to Succeed

The business owners who have the time, energy, or resources to teach themselves how to use InDesign or can quickly advance their skills on top of the daily vexations of running a business are few and far between. Creating eBooks takes skill and patience, and you might want to look into a relevant course to help you educate yourself as to the inner workings of this extraordinarily useful application. In Australia, services like Creative Training Solutions offer courses with small class sizes (some as small as 1:1) aimed at businesspeople who want to learn how to create and publish eBooks. If you’re looking to advance InDesign skills among your employees, sending them on such a course sets your business up as a marketing powerhouse of the twenty-first century. The InDesign course offered by Creative Training Solutions runs for two days and covers not only the basics of InDesign use, but the skills required to manage and publish long documents and eBooks.

At Creative Training Solutions, the goal is to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses with the kind of training that separates great businesses from ordinary ones. With years of professional experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and in training everyone from the most stubborn Luddite to the early-adopting technophile, Creative Training Solutions is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their software skills. We also offer a twelve-month period of full email support after our full-day courses, so you can safely rely on professional advice to quell your concerns regarding any tedious minutiae or unexpected issues that might arise.


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